Some projects that are already successfully on the way with our technology.

e-Rickshaw test in Mumbai with AutarcTech technology

Our partner in India - Vision Mechatronics - has successfully upgraded and tested Rickshaws on electric drive. The technology - the Active Balance BMS - comes from AutarcTech from Ansbach. In the second vehicle, the battery is recharged by a solar panel on the roof during the journey.
With a storage of 3.5 kWh several trips across Mumbai (about 66 km) could be completed without problems and very quickly.

England, Large storages

Since 2016 the company FireFly from England uses our BMS with Active Balance for larger storages. In combination with our Joulie-16, FireFly builds storages of the Cygnus series, of which 35 were already hard tested and handed over to their customers.
AutarcTech supplies the Joulie-16, Master, temperature sensors, relays and cables. This saved enormous development effort and shortened the time-to-market.

Germany, building contractor

"The company Kühn Solar has decided to use the AutarcTech storages because the active battery management system promises higher efficiency. The possibility of remote maintenance also saves time and money, because service trips are minimized and much remotely can be remedied.
Active balancing underlines our commitment to deliver efficient components for energy-saving homes."

Johannes Kühn, GEO

Czech Republic, custom solutions

"We use Autarctech BMS in those cases, where a customer-specific special solution is required, which would not be possible with standard Litihum storages available on the market.

What we appreciate:

- the entire BMS technology, in particular the active bidirectional balancing and thus the high efficiency of the battery and thus the extended battery life
- possibility to use any Litihum cell available in the free market
- flexibility in sizing the entire storage and associated unlimited capacity of the storage
- Compatibility with almost all EU inverters, as well as the possibility to operate the BMS without communication with the inverter
- Good price / performance ratio

Successful storages products for the Swiss market

"Our idea is to give a second chance to cells that have already been used in the past and are still able to use their substance in the best possible way, as solutions with such secondary life cells are perfect in the form of electricity storages only with an active BMS, as developed by AutarcTech. We have already equipped 2 BMSs with this BMS and are currently testing them. "
Arno Krey, akkula GmbH, CH-6330 Cham

2 storages (41 and 54 kWh) in conjunction with PV as the sole summer supply of alpine huts in Austria.

New Zealand, Industrial solution

"Nukor specialises in providing energy efficient products and solutions for industrial, marine and domestic applications. We were looking for an Active BMS for our batteries, and found one at AutarcTech. 
First tests confirm our expectations very well.
Taking existing, proven German quality, for us it’s the cheapest way to start immediately and save time and costs for development."
Elliot Peacocke, Engineer