LiRack storages based on LiFeMnPO4 with Active Balancing

Get the freedom:

Energy whenever you want, as much as you need!

There is always a need for self-sufficient energy around the clock. In order to use the energy at any time, you need a power storage. Only with Active Balancing your energy storage is really effective.You can choose the LiRack series of storages for your energy needs. It is absolutely safe, durable and it pays itself right from the start - even through the simple installation.

Do you want to store your own energy at home for higher self-sufficiency? Then, LiRack is your product with the Gold Standard for battery management systems - Active Balancing. There is nothing more effective! We offer for homes, farmers, commercial companies and many others who want security and self-generated electricity, the LiRack series of storages that you can combine with any inverter.
The storages are equipped with LiFeMnPO4 cells, which have very high intrinsic safety due to their design. Currents up to 3 times the nominal value during charging and discharging are possible. With at least 6000 cycles they have a lifetime of more than 20 years. All storages are equipped with a bi-stable relay. The connections of the cells to the Active Balance Board are extremely reliable. The Active Balance BMS ensures a very balanced battery.

The assembly can be completed in about one hour up to the inverter. No additional material is required.