48 V Systems

You are a Battery Manufacturer or are in the preparations to make storages and want to find the best components. With our LiTerminal and its components, we offer you a system that only has to expand the cells and housing of your choice. You can start immediately and profit from the experience with approximately 650 installed batteries and cluster systems. 
For a 48V battery you just need the BMS kit with our Active Balance BMS, the Relay/Sensor unit and the CellCon set (NTC temperature sensors).
For more informations please call us for the JOULIE-16 documentation.

Cascadable Systems 12 V up to 800 V

In addition, we have developed JOULIE-4c for storages from 12V to High Voltage, which we offer as another series product from our development department.
Please ask for details or have a look at the JOULIE-4c documentation.