"Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come."

Victor Hugo

Store renewable energy more efficient

Areas of use of our battery management systems

Energy Storages.
Powerful, easy to install.

Declining feed-in tariffs make energy storage more and more popular and economical. Save the electricity generated during the day from solar energy to be able to use it at night. With our product series LiRack you get the Gold Standard of energy storage with Active Balancing.

All around worry-free storage

Almost too beautiful for the supply room in your house, simple and therefore inexpensive to mount by your solateur or house electrician, safe and due to active balancing also free from fan noises and unused wasted heat. Your cost-effective storage with the best battery management system with Active Balancing in the size of 22 kWh and cascadable multiples of 22 kWh.   

If you need more:

Cluster Solutions

Our storages can also be subsequently expanded and extended to clusters.
A further development is our Master, which enables the interconnection of any number of LiRack and the communication with inverters.

Storage unlimited.

With the UMC Controller it allows you to assemble up to 15 battery blocks (LiRack) into large storages. This way, your energy storage can be easily adapted to your needs and grow with you.

UMC Controller

The UMC Controller is indispensable for the construction of larger Clauster storages as an important communication center between several Joulie-16 in a cluster and the CAN communication to the inverters.The UMC Controller can control up to 15 Joulie-16 directly.

BMS KITS for your application

Looking for a battery management system with Active Balance?
Do you want to save yourself an expensive development and rely on a proven technology?

Use the Gold Standard in battery management: Active Balancing.

German engineering in your storage project

Joulie-16 is the brain of your future storage solution. Lithium cells require a battery management system due to their chemical-physical properties. This is particularly true when using inexpensive "Second Life" cells, and the most effective form of battery management is in the form of Active Balancing, where Joulie-16 has the task of gathering the cells data and monitoring the battery.

Battery Management System with Actice Balancing


Do you want the power of JOULIE-16 also in the high voltage range?
Do you need an Active Balance BMS for 12V batteries?

JOULIE-4c offers you everything Joulie-16 offers, but more flexible.


JOULIE-4c is a 4S / 12V cascadable Active Balance BMS based on the same technique as JOULIE-16. The use is intended for batteries from 12V up to 800V.

The communication in between the modules and a CTRL unit (master) takes place via RS485.

Please ask for details and check the JOULIE-4c documentation.

Important advantages of our products

Charge your electric car at night? Best with solar energy collected during the day? No problem with us. For this to happen, you need a high-quality lithium battery and an equally sophisticated battery management system, so that the memory in the car is evenly charged in the morning. This should happen silently and cool? No problem. Fan noises adé, because with our powerful Active Balancing no wasted heat is generated.

Our technology is ready for your future.

Unused charging energy is "destroyed" in conventional balancers, which creates undesired wasted heat, which may have to be dissipated with fans. Active balancing distributes this energy between the cells instead. No wasted heat, no noisy fan, as much energy as possible in the battery and back out. This is efficient, SILENT and COOL.

Our energy storages have enough energy to charge your electric vehicle from the stored energy.

The possibility of remote maintenance gives your installer full control over the battery. Many information is written into a database and can thus be evaluated. This allows you to assess the temperature, voltage and charge status of the cells at a glance, thus saving you unnecessary service trips.