Electric train

E-Mobility somehow different!

Together with the companies HMF Hueber Maschinen- und Fahrzeugbau GmbH Überlingen and Günter Schölzl from Schölzl GmbH Oberndorf, we carried out the conversion of two pathways for the Remstal Garden Show for the city of Schwäbisch Gmünd. The old lead batteries with a weight of approx. 580 kg were replaced by 85 kg modern and safe lithium batteries and photovoltaic modules on the roof. The new batteries with the solar modules allow the train to run all day in an environmentally friendly way with self-generated solar power. Should it ever be overcast, the batteries can be recharged within half an hour at any household socket so that you can return to the depot.

The exchange of the batteries in the depot against full ones, as it had to be accomplished before each noon, is void completely. Also the maintenance is clearly easier, says Mr. Hammerschmidt, one of the drivers and responsible for the operation of the railways. No more control of distilled water and also no more ventilation of the containers in which the batteries are charged is necessary.

A complete success and, according to the city administration, the investment is worthwhile due to the significantly reduced personnel costs.